The Value of Lunsj

Before, when I was walking up a mountain or through a trail, I was obsessed with reaching my destination.

It was to happen in the shortest time possible, and preferably with a high enough pulse to be able to call it a training session.

When I reached the destination, all I could think about was starting to head back again.

That should also happen in the shortest amount of time.

On the way, I thought about all the other things I was to do later that day, or wished to do at least, and how I would be able to  achieve it.

I was walking through amazing surroundings, not even registering it.

I kind of «knew the surroundings in my head», and therefore didn’t take the time to actually look.

I assume it’s a trait of being young.


It was just a few years ago that I actually noticed this pattern.

That during these walks my quiet mind wasn’t quiet at all.

It was actually very chaotic.

Somewhat unconsciousy, during this same period, I got more conscious about taking breaks.

Taking the time to sit down, and do nothing.

And then, when doing nothing, I had to practice my mind to think nothing.

And that’s quite hard.

I haven’t managed it yet, but it happens from time to time.

The effect of it is brilliant.

The stress relief.

How small you and your problems feel, in a good way.

And how you feel like a part of a much, much bigger picture.

I can feel the effect of those moments all through the week.


Instead of walking towards the top, I now walk towards that lunsj.

The great thing about that, is that the lunsj doesn’t have a geographic position.

It can be anywhere.

The destination is completely movable.

And what a freedom that is.

Lunsj is the norwegian word for lunch, by the way.

But you might have solved that riddle already.

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