A Boat In The Evening


I’m not particularly pleased with this watercolour painting.

But I thought I should post it anyway.

It looked better before it got overworked.

And a lot brighter.

But, as I’ve had a little break from watercolor painting, it was bound to happen.

It was fun to paint, though.

And another lesson learned.

6 kommentarer om “A Boat In The Evening

  1. Also by some weird WordPress quirk – I think I received a notification for every posting you made since 2015 (hundreds)! While I was a bit annoyed at first I must confess that in the end it was fascinating to see the arc of your journey. You’ve given me hope! Thanks and good work.

    1. I’m very very glad you ended up looking at it that way, and that you found it fascinating. I wish it was a wordpress quirk, but it seems to be my own mistake… while doing some site maintenence, I ended up making all my posts published private. When I made them open again, it seems to have spammed everyone with notifications of every single post. (It’s about 700….) I’m very sorry about it. I had no idea it would. But I’ll never do it again, that’s for sure… What a mess!

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