A very chaotic lighthouse

This is an acrylic painting with a very chaotic landscape.

To calm it down, I wanted to add a focal point.

It ended up being a lighthouse.

It made it just a little bit calmer.

But still too chaotic.

But I don’t want to spend more time on it.

So this is how it ended up:

Anyway, I hope you’re doing alright, and that you’re having a good day!

6 kommentarer om “A very chaotic lighthouse

  1. Personally, I don’t see chaos: there is a fore-, middle- and background in the «traditional» way of doing landscape art. Isn’t it the medium that makes the painting look rough, for lack of a better word? I like it!

    1. The medium makes it rough, for sure. But I’m glad you don’t find it too chaotic. I should probably get some more contrasts into the coloours, and brighten it up a bit. I guess that could be a solution 🙂

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