Gingerbread Coast – Something Sweet

This wasn’t supposed to end up like some gingerbread land.

Not at all.

It was supposed to end up like an authentic sunset sailing.

But when the boat ended up looking like a gingerbread cookie, I might as well decorate it with some frosting.

Lying there, all capsized on the rocks, it looks like a real treat.

I would hope that some part of the wreckage would come floating towards me.

Or maybe the rocks and mountains are made of it as well.

Like some big gingerbread universe.

I don’t know.

But it’s an amusing thought.

Anyway, I wanted to make another time-lapse video of this painting as well.

So here it is, streamed from my youtube channel:

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I hope you are having a good day!

5 kommentarer om “Gingerbread Coast – Something Sweet

  1. I think you’re onto something which could be a growing, blossoming inspiration. I’m having a tiny brainstorm, right now.

    I say run with it. Expand upon your gingerbread world/universe. Make more pieces like this with other settings, vehicles, creatures, etc.

    The boat lacks a little…something. But, I like the overall tones and shapes of the surrounding terrain. It reminds me of the pick-a-path books I enjoyed in my youth. It’s sort of like a misty port in the Far East, bringing in shipping vessels and small paddle crafts full of produce and fresh fish sold by wandering merchants. I’d throw in some Asian lanterns hanging from posts by the docks/piers.

    1. I’m very glad it sparked up so many associations for you. It was really not intended for it to look like some gingerbread world, but maybe it was a happy accident. I’m keeping those thoughts you’ve shared for my next attempt at this weird looking world.

      1. Happy accident, indeed. Those are often the best forms of inspiration, gifts from above, like a gentle rain that stimulates the mind and/or calms the soul, versus a hazardous storm that damages land and property.

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