Northwest Coast – Or Home

This is a digital painting depicting the Northwest coast of Norway.

More specifically, Ålesund.

It’s the place where I grew up.

The mountains are rising steeply from the sea.

The boats are sailing by in every direction.

The wind is almost always present.

And the sounds of the seagulls can be heard both day and night.

I don’t live there anymore.

But I think I’ll always look at it as home.

If you want to see how the painting came together, you can do so in this youtube video.

It’s about two minutes long:


I’ve also added the painting, along with all the others, to my Redbubble account.

I hope you are doing alright!

12 kommentarer om “Northwest Coast – Or Home

      1. I think that if I’d been younger, Kim, I might have tried my hand at it. But now, being old, I find there is too much technical stuff to learn! So, I use it minimally and mostly rely on the old tried and tested ways!

      2. Nothing beats the physical mediums, anyway. Both the feel and the smell of paper, ink and paint. But digital paintings have made a lot of evenings productive, where I wouldn’t have the energy to pick up anything else.

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