A Damp Night – Keeping Up With The Acrylics

After a far too long break, it was a fantastic experience getting back to the acrylics.

Without really intending it, I’ve developed a slightly new style in these new paintings.

Something a bit more raw.

And that feels very right.

I’m very pleased with how this one ended up.

The contrasts between the bright orange and the dark night.

The water roaring on both the ground and in the air.

And the mountains cutting through the sky.

I also decided to scrape in some pines in the end, using my palette knife.

It’s not the best photo, but I decided to put it straight into a frame when it had dried up.

So now it hangs on my wall, behind glass and passepartout.

Looking back at it, I feel quite proud of how it turned out.

And I can’t wait to start on some new paintings using the same style.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing alright.

It feels a bit wrong posting these self-centered posts with a horrific war going on.

Like with all wars raging in the world, it makes everything else very insignificant.

For those who are, or have family and friends, affected by the war, I just hope it will end in a best possible way, as soon as possible.

14 kommentarer om “A Damp Night – Keeping Up With The Acrylics

  1. Beautiful. I think we need reminders of the beauty within the human spirit, especially in times of war.

    «From the mouth of Dawn Boy, beauty comes forth.
    Now the child will have life of everlasting beauty,
    Now the child will go with beauty all around,
    Now the child will be with beauty.»
    Navajo Dawn Song

  2. Kim, this is brilliant. Keep up the good work. In case you can help me, please let me know what can I do to my paintings. Happy happiness day.

    1. Thank you, Nidhika! And happy happiness day to you as well 🙂 What do you mean, more specifically, about what you can do to your paintings? I’ve never had a plan other than to have fun and make what I feel like making. So that has made all my hours of painting very entertaining. I think as long as you’re doing it because it’s fun, your motivation will take you in the direction that’s right 🙂

      1. Hi Kim, thank you so much 🙏 for replying. Actually I also made my paints for hobby only, but now they are in hundreds sheets, I didn’t knew what to do with it, neither I get time to search and even upload them, so was wondering. Anyways thanks to let me know I am not alone who paint for passion and hobby. I once put my collection on NFT but now I have deleted all my paints from NFT, given NFTs can be hacked, and hence even more trouble, so better they are on my website, open to be accessible with no trouble, as art should be. Thanks again Kim, for taking time out to write to me. Please stay safe, have nice day.

      2. I have the same problem with paintings piling up. I haven’t sold a painting for years, and I keep making more, so that is a dilemma 🙂 With digital paintings I just add them to my redbubble shop, and maybe someone will buy something some day 🙂

      3. Thanks Kim, I hardly get time, so can’t even think to even open the website you have mentioned, redbubble.com, I hope it can’t be hacked as NFT. I make paints to refresh myself, that is it. Just as hobby on some lucky holidays. I have never made digital paints, so never thought of it. Take care Kim. Happy paintings.

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