Trolling In The Woods

This digital painting came together pretty randomly.

I was playing around with some backgrounds, and suddenly got some patterns that looked like a cliff.

Further up, in the right corner, there also seemed to be a clearing with a nice view.

Norway has a thing with trolls.

They are very much present in childrens stories.

And used for what it’s worth when it comes to tourism.

Souvenirs, wooden statues outside diners, mascots on camping sites, the list goes on..

Even one of the most famous mountain formations in Norway is called Trollveggen (Troll Wall).

It has Europe’s highest vertical cliff (1000 meters straight down), and is apparantly named after the rock formations on the top looking like trolls staring down.

Anyway, I got a very troll-ish feeling from this painting background, and decided to add a man lurking around hunting for some trolls.

I also added a few trees, and some light mist.

All in all I think it ended up looking quite cool, and quite eerie.

If you want to see how the painting came together, you can do so in this youtube video:


If you want to see more of my digital paintings you can visit my gallery, or have a stop by my Redbubble shop.

I hope you are all doing alright out there.

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