Breathing – Back To The Coast

I’ve spent a lot of time in the forest lately.

Drawing those lovely birch trees.

Now, however, I wanted to get away for a bit.

Heading towards the ocean.

The ink pen has been substituted with a digital one.

And it managed to fulfill my craving for some fresh, coastal air.

The scenery is inspired by the island Runde, in Western Norway, where my grandparents live.

It’s surrounded by cold, rumbling sea.

Fresh wind is always present.

And the birds are gliding through it in that effortless way.

A great place to have a walk.

Filling the lungs with crisp air.

Getting so much room for those thoughts to roam free.

I hope you can get some idea of it all by looking at this painting.


I also hope that you’re having a good day!

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