Faltering Summer – Maybe The Sign Of A Break

I’ve been drawing a lot of birch trees recently.

Or, trees in general, to be honest.

This time it’s depicting a faltering summer.

The warm earth is getting just a bit colder.

The green is clinging on to the last leafs.

And it’s getting ready for winter.

I can’t help thinking that this might be a sign.

A sign to take a little break.

Not from painting and drawing.

Not at all.

But from those trees, and birch trees especially.

They just keep ending up so similar.

Different directions of the stems.

Different colours to the scenery.

But, other than that, very much the same.

I’m quite happy with this drawing, though.

The wash, as well.

But I can’t help feeling that I’m drawing myself in circles.

So, for my next post, there just might be a new theme.

Maybe a new medium as well.

Just to get that fresh perspective.

In the meantime, I would like to wish everyone a good day!

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