Getting A Bit Closer – Something To Build On

I’ve been enjoying that ink and watercolor combination before.

But I’ve often used it to highlight some small features in a drawing, like a hut or people hiking in the landscape.

This time I wanted a return to this lovely combination of mediums, but taking it a bit closer.

Walking deeper into the woods.

And this is how it ended up:

I’ve always loved birch trees.

There is something about the structure and the patterns.

At the same time, they are bright enough to lighten up any scenery, standing out from the crowd of greens.

So it was a blast trying to draw them up.

And I think they ended up looking fairly well.

The wash I’m not that pleased with, though.

It ended up messy and smudged.

But lots to build on here.

And I sure will!

I hope you like it, and that you’re having a good day!

11 kommentarer om “Getting A Bit Closer – Something To Build On

  1. Ahhh, very nice, and excellent combination of ink drawing and wash … I’ll study it a bit, I do that when something strikes me and I can’t figure out why. The wash inside the trunks on the two of them, and then going outside the boundaries is a great touch, in a funny way it creates spatial distance in the third.

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