Just Having Some Fun

I don’t know why I always end up drawing these childish drawings when I draw just for fun.

I never had much confidence when it came to drawing as a kid.

Maybe this is my way of getting some of that energy out.

Anyway, it surely is a gathering of stuff I like to draw here.

A brick wall.

Fence posts.



A few people.

And of course, some bushes.

There are also a few other creatures in there.

So it might get a bit more dramatic very fast.

I hope you are having a great day!

8 thoughts on “Just Having Some Fun

  1. I apologize if the words came out wrong. It’s what I was told many years ago and after thinking about it I found some truth in there. The most boring people around me are those who forgot how to play, tell a joke or simply have fun in some way. I like them but I wish they hadn’t cut off that part of being a person. Playful doesn’t mean immature, that’s important to remember. That’s what I trying to convey but I should have waited until I’ve had the morning coffee 😉

    1. Not at all, Kitty! I think it was a brilliant and fun comment. How depressing it would be if I took offense by that. Keep them coming, even before the morning coffee 😀

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