Heading Up Again – All For The Fun

I’ve been missing these mountain sketches.

More than I thought I did, really.

I think I find them a bit childish.

Not serious enough for me, if you will.

Like I should be painting cool, deep, abstract paintings with loads of suppressed emotion in them.

Something to look at, finding great meaning.

I guess that’s the ego talking from deep down, wanting to be brilliant.

But, childish as they might be, I like drawing these mountain scenes.

They give me pleasure.

So I’m indulging in them.

Drawing them all for the fun.

4 kommentarer om “Heading Up Again – All For The Fun

  1. I find your mountain sketches delightful – they the next best thing to being in the mountains themselves. I notice you often have an ‘alpha’ peak – such as the Matterhorn. Is this deliberate? 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa. I really appreciate you telling me that 🙂 Where I come from (Sunnmøre in Norway) the landscape is full of peaks rising up from the ocean and the fjords. We don’t have that where I live now (Trøndelag). I really miss the landscape, so it’s my way of taking a visit back home 🙂 I would like to see that Matterhorn, though!

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