Practicing Those Trees – What Do You Think?

Lately I’ve found a new way to draw trees, which I want to explore.

Basically it involves drawing a lot of the structure using clean lines.

It also involves leaving a substantial part of the trunk bare of branches.

Because, as I’ve just realized, a lot of trees are not covered in a rich clothing.

This is a couple of examples, using a fountain pen:

So I wonder, what do you think?

Does it work?

I would love to get your thoughts on it.

And I also would like to wish you a great day!

10 kommentarer om “Practicing Those Trees – What Do You Think?

      1. still so nice…how about a coconut fruit on tree as well :-D, perhaps – they are different tress near sea, yours resemble more of celebration trees on mountains.

      2. You have coconuts trees there, I am amazed to know this. This means more coconut’s can be grown there. Tall Trees with enriching fruits.

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