How It Was

I read in the newspaper the other day, about a village of cabins being established in an important area for wild reindeer.

It was in Hardanger, in Western Norway, and will occupy 450 decare of the reindeers territory.

This is part of an increasing trend, globally, where we humans destroy untouched nature to fill our needs.

In Norway, building cabins in untouched nature is the activity which plays the biggest part in this issue.

Which is rather ironic, since the cabin itself is built to enjoy the nature it destroys.

The biggest loser in this process is our diversity of species and the ecosystems.

That made me think about how we’ll end up looking at wildlife in the future.

Maybe as a display for our own entertainment.

Maybe as a theater for us to enjoy, just the way we like it.

Needless to say, I find this development frightening.

And I hope we see the vital importance of protecting nature before it’s too late.


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  1. Hey, this one is cute, put a hash tag on it — for, walls in offices – in industrial units. Green Trees used as electricity poles. What a motivation Kim.

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