Looking Back To Where It Started

To get a clear view of where you are, you need to know where you started.

At least I guess that’s true.

Well, I was browsing through my media library on wordpress the other day.

And suddenly I’d reached the bottom.

Not in the depressing way it might sound like..

The bottom being my first uploaded paintings from back in 2015.

And where this whole journey all started.


I was sitting in a rented dorm room i Steinkjer, Trøndelag.

I stayed there during a summer job in the newspaper Trønder-Avisa.

I hadn’t found much to do during my leisure, and was looking for a hobby to indulge in.

I’d gotten a few nudges that painting could be something to dip my toes in.

So I made a decision, and headed down to the local mall.

I found a starter set for oil painting.

It was a small wooden case, which I think included a few brushes, some palette knifes, a set of paint tubes and a palette.

So when I got home I sat down by the kitchen table.

I was planning to use an hour or so.

I think I ended up spending five hours straight.

When I was done, I looked down at my first painting ever as an adult.

I was immensely proud of it.

Sitting bent closely over the paper for hours got me a real good headache.

But I loved every second of it.

So I got on going for the rest of the stay.

And the rest of the summer.

And the rest of the year.

And soon the stack of paintings was piling up:

Needless to say, the painting sessions kept on going from there.

And now it’s been six years.

Still chasing the great painting.

Still reaching for the level of those above me.

Still being insecure about the quality.

But I’m always having fun, and are enjoying every second of it.

There has been 673 posts since I opened this site.

Setting out on this overwhelmingly exciting journey.

How good it was to see these paintings again.

To take me back to where it all started.

7 kommentarer om “Looking Back To Where It Started

    1. Thank you so much, Michele! 🙂

      You know, it’s funny. During the first years of painting I didn’t feel like I could justify saying that this was a thing for me. Like I had to get to a certain level before I could «get the badge» an tell people about it. It sounds stupid now, but I think I still have those thoughts in the back of my mind.

    1. Your drawings look really good! I especially like the pumpkin. The shadowing is great, and the stem looks so full of structure. I can almost feel how it would be to touch it. The maple leafs and the rose bud are also favourites of mine 🙂

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