That Way – Another One of Those Sailing Ships

I’ve been painting a lot of old sailing ships lately.

It has just been too fun to stop.

So here is another one, being led the way by one of those old, rough seabirds.

Now, however, I feel that I’ve produced all my sailing ship ambitions for a while.

So there might just be a break from them, while they’re at dock.

If you want to see how it got made, you can do so here:


I hope you’re having a great day!

14 kommentarer om “That Way – Another One of Those Sailing Ships

      1. No, just for a variant in your oceans you paint, some ships with longer base…I dont know..I have not seen such ships in painting, just boats are seen……..

  1. This is beautiful unbroken ship, ideal for, wall hanging, in a peaceful place. How about a elongated base ship ? Like Titanic One? Would it look good ? And Kim, it looks like it is flowing in flooded place as water have engulfed road side electricity poles. How about some sharks and whales instead. A peaceful sea ?

    1. Maybe that would be fun, yeah 🙂 Titanic is certainly an intereseting ship, but I’m struggling with imitating real life objects. Maybe it would be a good way to get better at it, though 🙂

      I don’t think I can let go of those stormy waves, but a shark or a whale would be fun 🙂

      1. Hi, No I am not saying you to imitate real titanic, paining an art is never an imitation as far as I know. What I meant was increase the base of the ship, which is base length. I don’t know how it will look. I thought to give example with help of Titanic. Not for imitation–not at all. Storms are there on and off — keep them, as ships have to face them, but poles in oceans— 🙂 Take care, looking forward to more paintings..

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