My Ship – Making Digital Look Less Digital

I’ve been using Procreate a lot lately, making digital paintings.

It’s so easy to pick up, when I don’t have the motivation to pull out all the supplies I need for physical mediums.

A way to keep creating, no matter where you are.

Anyway, a lot of my paintings have been made using different types of pen tools.

That makes them look cool, I think.

But also a bit more rigid, and with less depth.

Now I wanted to use the paint tools, like oil paint, watercolour and gouache.

To make the paintings look more like paintings.

Or, rather, make the digital paintings look less digital.

Well, I started out with this one:

Trying to depict Norwegian nature, the ocean is a key part.

Boats and ships are one of the features I would like to get better at painting.

So I decided to paint one of those old sailing ships.

There are quite a few of them in Norway.

Especially in Sunnmøre, where I grew up.

Restored to former glory.

It was so much fun painting it, so there will definitely be more ships in the future.

I’ve also reopened my Youtube channel, so I can share the time-lapse videos from these painting sessions.

So if you want to see how it got made, you can do so here:


I hope you are doing alright, and that you’re having a good day!

5 kommentarer om “My Ship – Making Digital Look Less Digital

  1. I know what you mean about making them look less digital.

    I’ve found that mine were looking a bit too photographic, mainly due to the airbrush tools and also because I’m «painting» at A2 size and when shrunk to a mobile phone screen on Instagram it looks even more photographic. That’s not so much the look I’m going for so I’m now deliberately trying to use the oil paint and rough brushes to try and retain that artsy touch.

    1. I find that the oil, watercolour and gouache tools gives a good feel of texture in the paintings. If I’m not paying attention, though, it often ends up looking very digital. Especially with the pen tools 🙂

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