Creating Some Consistency

I’ve done a lot of different digital paintings over the years.

Often in series of two or three paintings.

But I haven’t really found a clear direction I want to move towards.

Something that binds them all together, despite their dissimilarities.

So I started to think about what I enjoy painting.

And what I want to depict through them.

And the answer was clear.

I want a rawness.

A bit of chaos.

Yet, deep down, it needs some quality.

Some stability.

My best effort at details and technique.

So I took some of my paintings, and decided to try to add it.

So this is how they looked before:

And this is how they look now:

I like how they look a bit messier now.

A bit more worn.

Like they’ve been marked by the nature they depict.

And with a bit more depth.

At the same time, I think the new colours make them look warmer.

So I’ll keep moving in this directon.

With a more clear expression.

But, yet, a lot of freedom.


And, by the way, I’ve uploaded a few videoes, showing the process of making the paintings from start to finish.

You can view them om my videos page.

7 kommentarer om “Creating Some Consistency

  1. I prefer the orginals of «Retired Fisherman» and «Not Alone,» they’ve got that cold North Sea vibe. But I really like the warmth and depth the effect added to the other paintings, a kind of «grittiness» if you like.

  2. They have also a feel, a look, even, of the aurora borealis…

    Twenty years ago myself and a friend had a phenomenal view of said northern lights from atop a nearby mountain (large hill) in which the sky was divided up geometrically, no chaos, perfect order, never seen anything like it!

    Also, check out, Lyonel Feininger…

    1. I love that! And I whish I could say that it was intentional. But maybe it was my subconscious dragging me towards the northern lights 🙂

      I have seen aurora borealis quite a few times, but rarely as clearly as in those magical photos we see online. It’s often too much light pollution, so I need to get better at being away from it. It’s a majestic sight for sure, and, like you said, with a strange and kind of whimsical order in it all.

      I must admit that I do recognize a lot of my features in Lyonel Feiningers work. What a wonderful way to get new inspiration. Thank you for the tip, Peter! 🙂

  3. retired fisherman is really catchy, seems like to never leave the sea and want to go in sea again just that the fishing boat taken from him. Or he gave up fishing and still continuing to talk to fish. I dont know what you thought while making this– good one—all are good esp. the later ones.

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