A Bad Day – In a New Way

Just to be clear, I am not having a bad day.

But these two are:

And the new way I’m referring to in the title, is this papery look I’ve added to the background.

At least I hope that’s how it looks to others than myself…

I don’t think I’ll walk much further down this road.

Not for now, anyway.

But I needed to try it out, because I think it looks very cool.

I hope it works out for those two capsized friends, though.

Or maybe their friendship is coming to an end…

6 thoughts on “A Bad Day – In a New Way

  1. Kim, I just adore this. I love the colors, the line quality, the assurity and confidence of the style. The spaces are divided beautifully. I am seeing the bottom color as some kind of worn out, darker stained and abused parchment paper, It is confident and graceful. good going.

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