A New Name – For the Last Time

As you may – or may not – have noticed, I’ve given my site a new name.

Not any kind of name.

My own name.

There’s no reason keeping it hidden in a corner.

I need to own this.

And I guess it can’t get any more personal than putting in your name in big letters.

And that’s why I’ll claim that this is the last change of name I’ll ever do for this site.

I’m quite happy about it.

It’s a bit unusual seeing it up there.

But I hope you’ll continue following me along the way!

11 kommentarer om “A New Name – For the Last Time

  1. I got the email and It caught me off guard, lol. Makes more sense to use your name. I’ve tried a few times to comment until I realized that I needed to add you to my WordPress Follows. I like this little sketch, too. Has a Andrew Wyeth feel to it

    1. Hi, Gina! I didn’t know it was that strict to make a comment on my site, but I’m very glad you put up with it to make one 🙂 I think I needed to get my name up there, to own this whole art journey. I’ve been hiding it away for too long, being worried about what people around me would think. But it feels good to have made the switch 🙂 I’m really glad you like the sketch, by the way. I have great fun making them.

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