White Cabin – A Desperate Move

I did an ink painting the other day, that after the wash felt very promising.

So I started adding trees and fence posts, and a cabin to round it up.

The cabin looked way too crooked, though.

So I extended the walls a bit.

But then it lost it’s form, so I extended the roof a bit.

Then it just didn’t look like a cabin no more.

Just a blotch of ink.

So I pulled out my gouache, and added some white paint on it to seperate the walls from the roof.

But now it just looked like a white, smudgy mess.

So I tried adding some strokes of paint to make windows.

But they kind of disappeared in the white paint.

So then I added a stroke of paint down the grass from the cabin.

I don’t know why..

I just did it.

And then I realized that enough is enough.

So here it is.

My white cabin, from a desperate move.

I hope you are doing alright, and that you’re having a good day!

6 kommentarer om “White Cabin – A Desperate Move

  1. I like your white cabin. But i like the style of your grey-tone ink paintings in general and I’m enjoying reading about the process- particularly like that you’re honest about the frustrations and feeling your way – that resonates quite strongly with me.

    Really like the finished products! Julie

    1. Thank you, Michele! That’s very nice of you 🙂 To my great joy, I’ve realized that I don’t really get mad or irritated by «bad paintings» anymore. So I do enjoy some pure exploring from time to time. It takes the pressure off, which again enhances the fun 🙂

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