Another Ink Painting

I think I’m starting to get the hang of these ink paintings now.

Even though they sure are tricky to control.

Just a few seconds of untouched ink makes a severe impression on the paper.

So I definitely need to work fast.

Some mistakes turn out to be good ones, though.

Others I have to cover up in creative ways.

But this one, I’m quite pleased with.

It’s a combination of an ink wash, a pen and a brush marker.

To get as much experience as possible out of my painting time, I’ve started doing many paintings at once.

Simply by taping lots of pieces of paper to an old wooden board.

I then do all the washes, before applying details in the random order I feel like working.

The results are both good and bad.

So, pretty quickly, I’ll know which pieces to spend most time on.

From this session two pieces stood out.

The other two are considered valuable learning experiences.

So here are the final results:

I hope you like them.

And I hope you are having a great day!

10 thoughts on “Another Ink Painting

  1. We are having an awesome day. It’s supposed to be winter but were on the patio in our shorts and t-shirts having lunch…. Have a good weekend

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