Painting With Ink – How Strange and Fun!

How strange and exciting it was trying to paint with ink for the first time.

I was a bit unsure about how manageable it would be to get a good result.

And, compared to watercolours, it was definitely a more chaotic process trying to control all that ink floating around.

But here they are, my first ink paintings:

I’m not going to scrutinize them, as this was all about having fun and trying something new.

But I definitely got intrigued, and like how raw the paintings look.

So I’ll definitely try it again, with a bit more preparation.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a great day!

22 kommentarer om “Painting With Ink – How Strange and Fun!

  1. I get this «colonization on a new planet» – vibe. Because it’s raw and beautiful. Very intriguing. I like that you had some chaotic fun 😊

  2. Chaotic = good, when it comes to this anyway.

    Oddly enough I hadn’t used ink for several months until just 2 days ago, what a coincidence!!

    I think you may have already seen it but if not then my most recent post «Vauxall Astra Messy Sketch» was done with throwing around the ink and then when fully dried adding some watercolour. That’s well worth a go as well.

    All the best,

      1. Yes, all the blue and most of the black. Where the blue is spreading out from the car is the ink bleeding into the wet paper.

        It’s fun 😃👍🏻

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