Different Types of Trees

There are many ways to draw a tree.

In my early drawing years, I always drew them as a lump of leaves with a trunk coming down from it.

After a while I started drawing more distinct species, like pines, spruces and birches.

Trees we have a lot of here in Norway.

Some of them looks very comic-ish, while others have a more sketchy look.

None looks very authentic, but I’ve accepted that this is the way I draw.

And that’s okay.

But, which one do you think looks best?

And how can they be improved?

I would love to get your opinion on it.

I hope you are doing alright, and that you’re having a good day!

4 kommentarer om “Different Types of Trees

  1. I think all of them are good. – not saying that just to be kind. That is your style, and I like it. To me, the best ones are the two to the left and the bush to the right. I like shifting between a loose style and a more controlled one, depending on the drawing. I feel it`s difficult to give you an opinion on how you can improve, I would if I could.

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