Back to the High Huts

On the West Coast of Norway, we have a lot of mountains.

They are high.

And steep.

And, they are blessed with a series of public huts, enclosed in the landscape.

The reason behind these huts, is the creation of DNT (The Norwegian Trekking Association).

It was founded in 1868.

It’s mandate being to «acquire means to ease and develop outdoor life here in this country».

One of the main means to achieve this, is building cabins all over Norway, and maintaining a network of 20.000 km of marked foot trails.

Every cabin can be opened with the same key, the DNT-key.

And, as one of the 260 000 members, you can spend the night for a small amount of money.

There is no glamour about it.

But there’s an unlimited amount of charm.

And that’s just the way it should be.

It’s easy to take it for granted.

But how fantastic it is, to be able to get such a connection to nature.

4 kommentarer om “Back to the High Huts

  1. We have a similar thing in Scotland, although it’s not nationally run or nearly as extensive. On a lot of the longer walks you can stay in a «bothy» which is just a simple basic hut. It’s maintained by the people who use it and some volunteers but it’s basically just shelter from the elements if you are hiking overnight. Like you say, not much comfort but lots of charm!

    1. Definitely! It sounds like a great alternative to tents, if you don’t want to carry them with you or the weather is bad. I’m in one of those huts (in Norway) right now, actually. It’s amazing!😊

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