My grandmother loves puffins.

The island where my grandparents live, Runde in Western Norway, is famous for being one of their main nesting sites in the country.

Having visited the island a lot through my childhood, the puffins has a special place in my heart as well.

Not because of my interest in birds.

But all the memories they represent.

How they’re painted on signs all over the island, to attract the tourists.

The late evenings walking up on the mountain.

Watching them come home after a long day of fishing out at sea.

With their beautiful beaks shining in the evening sun.

And those kind, charming eyes.

Standing along visiting photographers with hugely expensive cameras.

Clicking eagerly to get that long-awaited shot.

Because it’s one of few opportunities for them to catch one on camera.

While we were lucky enough to be able to meet them every single night.

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