Room for More

People who live out on small islands has always fascinated me.

And it’s quite a few who does it, here in Norway.

Some have ferry connections to the mainland.

Others need private boats to get there.


I like the thought of being cut off from the rest of the world like that.

Not having to think or worry about anything happening back on land.

You just keep to your little rock out there at sea, and your small society.


On the other hand, if something bad happens, it’s quite tricky to get help from land.

Especially if the weather is bad.

And you can’t be very spontaneous in your social life.

And everyone on the island would know just about everything you’re doing.

It’s not like you could go for a long walk…


How fantastic it must be on some days.

And smothering on ohers.

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  1. This one is like one of those optical illusions, it seemed to be moving towards me! I like it, it feels like it could be a location in a cartoon or a kids book.

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