Sunset Flying

I don’t know what kind of bird this is.

I just made them up.

I thought the painting was missing something without them.

Something to bring a bit of life into it.

I don’t know what they’re doing, or what their plans are.

But if it was me, I would probably just sit there for a while.

A long while.


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  1. I would say I hear seagulls whining amid the swishing of the incoming surf, but your «unknown» birds have crested heads. I get the feeling you sat at a beach to craft this? And, if so, I am wagering those are KINGFISHER birds. They are the seafaring version of cardinals and blue jays. Some call them the «halcyon birds» of Greek myth, birds that calmed uneasy spirits at sea and had the power to instill peace and harmony.

    Unlike your other works, this one seems just a tad tragic, as if the land was swallowed up by the sea; and the birds of peace are slightly sad, waiting for balance to be restored.

    1. I did paint it in my sofa at home, actually. So I just made something up and had a go with it. But I’m very pleased it I was able to give the impression of a kingdisher. They look so beautiful.

      I like your take on it, though, with the land being swollowed by the sea 🙂

      1. So, that’s the view from your home? Wow.


        So, you’re still not sure those are kingfishers? Have you ever researched kingfishers? I would not say kingfishers are beautiful birds…but they sparked my interest when I started researching Greek mythology.

        I prefer the beauty of cardinals and blue jays.

      2. See what? The birds you painted from your window? Didn’t you see them that day? And, I bet, if you stepped outside that window, you might get a closer look…provided there is land upon which you can stand.

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