Arctic Sea – Using the Palette Knife

I don’t remember what caused it, but I got an urge to use my palette knife on this painting.

I thought it could be a cool way to try to depict some arctic mountains, all covered in ice and snow.

So I did a wash, let it dry for a while, and started “scraping” at the paper.

As I got really eager trying to make out the different shapes, I probably overdid it.

As you can see, it made the paint and paper crumple up a bit, leaving dirty, dark stains.

But I still think it ended up pretty cool!

And I am going to try again, real soon.

I hope you like it, and that you’re having a good day!

4 kommentarer om “Arctic Sea – Using the Palette Knife

  1. Love the colours and the mountains reminds me of the Pass of Caradhras in lotr. Quite inhospitable. I can almost hear the wind.. brr.. 😊

    1. As a LOTR-fan that is about the coolest comment I’ve ever gotten. I didn’t have it mind while painting, but now I’ll pretend that’s exactly what I did 😀

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