The Lighthouse

This lighthouse ended up looking a bit more futuristic than planned.

Almost a bit Star Wars-ee.

Like it’s R2D2 standing there on the rock, guiding the ships safely through the area.

I do like how it turned out, though.

There is something about lighthouses which really fascinates me.

How they’ve been placed there in the roughest of conditions.

With their lighthouse keepers staying put no matter what.

Out at sea.

Or on the cliff sides.

We look at them as unbreakable institutions.

Something that can never be beaten by wind or waves.

Still, they are very much threatened.

Very vulnerable.

Not by storms or crashing waves.

But time.

8 kommentarer om “The Lighthouse

  1. I like the “new you”, new colours, new lines. I would like to visit a lighthouse someday. It feels kind of strange that I never have. Maybe it best to not postpone it too long.

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