A Place I Know

This is a place I know.

You’ll have to use a boat to get there.

If you get a bit closer you can see a bunch of shags standing on top of the rock.

But it’s close to the mountain.

So you’ll have to be careful.

If you look up the mountainside there are birds installed in all the little cracks and cliffs.

Northern gannets, Atlantic puffins, Great skuas, Northern fulmars.

Some of them comes diving down, heading straight into the sea.

Others stay by the nest, keeping an eye out for the sea eagles.

It’s a place where you can stay all day.

Without anything else happening.

9 kommentarer om “A Place I Know

  1. I know a place like this too, you used to be able to get boat tours to see the birds up close and sometimes the dolphins would be there too!

  2. Interesting! It caught my eye, but for once this wasn’t immediately recognizable as “your style”. I especially like the waves in the water. 🙂

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