Cityscape – A Rough Reunion

When I’ve been away from watercolour for a while, I do tend to get a reminder of how difficult I actually find it.

This time it came through my first speed painting in months.

I wanted to just get the feel of it all again.

So I cut out a small piece of paper and had a quick go.

My aim was not to make something to show off, but rather try to make it look okay.

It turned out like this:

It’s not that I’m disappointed.

It just felt like a rough start compared to the series of landscape paintings I did last time. 

But I need an experience like this to get going again.

And to be reminded that watercolour is not something you just splash together and always end up with a good result.

So now I’m ready to start.

I’ve gotten my reality check.

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  1. I so relate to what you have said. Honestly water painting scares me! But yes with practise I really feel a lot comfortable with it now as compared to what I felt earlier.

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