A Last Hope

This is a digital painting I made about a week ago.

I don’t know why, but I wanted to paint a boat in trouble.

I hadn’t really intended to add people to the situation, but when the boat was done it felt a bit empty.

It’s quite a long swim to safety, especially in those kind of waves.

But I think it’ll end well.

Maybe there is someone on the way, being unveiled right behing that big wave.

There is always hope.

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  1. Here are some thoughts that this image mingles with. As we enter the second year of the pandemic, I have been teaching science to a core of early adolescents throughout, sometimes from a distance, sometimes face-to-face, mostly a simultaneous combination. Technology really is just a small craft for learning, a lifeboat we are thankful for none the less. We just finished a chapter on wave energy and started a new wave of quarantines. This new wave feels like it has knocked us into the water, we are bobbing up and down to keep our heads above it and working to hold on together. Looking to the horizon I see a red sunrise and, while this may be a sailor’s warning, I’ll hope for a little warming.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this!

      I had covid in mind while painting, as I feel the world is kind of grabbing on right now, for a lot of reasons. Prolonged international relations are starting to change, as well as structures within. The climate seems to reach a point of no return. Covid is probably going to travel the world for quite some time still. I guess all we can do is hang on, and try to find our way to shore.

      I hope we can all meet up again soon, at least. And I hope you get to teach all your students sitting at their desks 🙂

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