The Sleeping Fisherman

This fisherman is sleeping.

Maybe between shifts.

Maybe for the first time back home.

Real life is not that important.

This dream can last for a while.

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  1. He is sort of a rock-star seaman, living a dream. But, what are the explosions of color? I’d leave off the yellow squiggle/sheen on the whale and those other splashes of color, unless they’re part of the dream. Your man and whale look better than the other piece with the duck. Waves are looking good as usual.

    1. Thank you 🙂 The splashes of colour is just an addition to spice it up a bit. Make the whole piece stand a bit out. Maybe it got a bit too much. That’s not unlikely 🙂

      1. Making a piece stand out is a good ambition. But, if the «spice» doesn’t make sense, it leaves questions. I suppose other «customers» might just take your art, anyway, because they’ll «eat» anything or see something in it I do not. I, however, have questions. 😛 There are other ways to make a piece stand out…like dramatic shading, emphasizing the depth and action of the waves. You could work on making the waves look as if they are leaping off the canvas…or «trump loi»–however you spell that–having the waves spill over the frame.

      2. That sounds like a fun feature to add 🙂 I tend to get so focused on creating, producing, that I don’t take the time to make sense of it all.

        There’s just so much stuff that I want to draw and paint. That’s when the whims happen. I’ve started to spend more time beforehand, though, planning paintings with a meaning. The retired fisherman is one of them, which I’m quite pleased with.

      3. Well, I suppose that’s how Dr. Seuss made senseless works; right? 😛 Create until the boundaries of sensibility are no longer there. That might have been my potential in my early teens. But, no more. Now, I feel withdrawn into creating only when it serves a purpose or is prompted by a rush of emotion.

        My desires, wishes, dreams of creating are stunted by the reality of storage and conditions under which I must work. I would hate to give into my whims only to have my mass output ruined or violated by unfriendly hands, as seems to be the case. My workspace, for now, is not safe to let my mind run wild. And, I guess, it never has been that free. There is always someone prodding me to create at the same time their are forces and voices trying to sully me and shut me down. It’s an ongoing struggle.

      4. I see. That sounds like quite the battle. I find that when I’m free to let my whims run free I always have something to paint or draw. I’ve never went into a session and have nothing come out of it. It’s always something, but it’s not always good 🙂

      5. «Good» is too often subject to an artist’s own doubts and emotional turmoil. And, just as or too often, others will compliment an artist’s work when the artist wants to wrinkle his/her nose and burn their poor creation.

      6. I know that feeling for sure. The disbelief that they actually like what I dislike so bad. And often people think my favourites are not that great at all 🙂

      7. Mmyeah…but hanging onto all those «paintings» eventually feels like an overloaded boat ready to sink. You may feel like you’re guarding a trove of gold from an invading army. MY paintings. My precious, precious paintings. You cannot have them. You don’t respect them. MY paintings.

        Ya know?

      8. Kind of. But I haven’t sold many paintings yet. Just one, I think. Some I’ve given away to family. So I would like to get rid of them, I just don’t like to advertise it. But that’s nonsense, so I’m working on it 🙂

      9. So, you’re on par with Van Gogh? Protect your ears.

        Well, if I had the place to properly display them, I’d take a few off your hands and try my porthole frame idea down a corridor. Right now, that’s not a favorable idea for me and my circumstances.

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