A Special Place

This is a fisherman in his very special place.

Maybe it’s a dream.

Or perhaps a daydream.

But it’s a happy place.

A place where he can be himself, in every way.

The weather is warm.

The light lasts through the night.

There is no destination.

He is already there.

14 kommentarer om “A Special Place

    1. Thank you, both for the compliments and the constructive criticism. Both are much appreciated 🙂

      The figures ended up being a combination of pen and brush, in a bit ramdom way. That makes them look a bit hard, and maybe separate them too much from the rest of the painting.

      I do struggle with keeping my figures as loose as I want them to look, though 🙂

      1. I think you tried to combine a cartoon with a relaxed-yet-accurate nature painting. Which isn’t always a bad thing. It could be a funny story you tell through a series of paintings. Have the man on the duck travel somewhere and have a wacky adventure. The story advances as you pass down a corridor, following the series of prints.

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