Finding Home – My First Digital Oil Painting

So, I was a bit sceptic about doing digital oil paintings.

I mean, how could they (the developers, that is) manage to get those peculiar brush strokes look just right?

Well, I did my first digital oil painting a few evenings ago, and I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised:

I’m impressed by how “oily” it actually looks, and how each stroke is given that unpredictable nature.

It’s not like working with the real thing, certainly not, but it’s a great substitute for those lazy evenings on the couch.

So there will be more of these in the time coming.

I hope you enjoyed it, and that you’re having a great day!

18 kommentarer om “Finding Home – My First Digital Oil Painting

  1. I’ve just done my first digital oil (Jaguar race car), they have certainly made it quite realistic these days. Though saying that the closest I’ve got in real life is acrylics so maybe it’s not realistic but still quite effective.

    1. It looks amazing, Steve! Well done. I find it a great addition to physical painting, but it can never be a substitute. To pick it up on the couch on a lazy evening is brilliant, though 🙂

      1. Yes I agree, it’s a good thing to do whilst the wife watches something boring on the TV.

        Can’t ever beat the tactile pleasure of real painting or drawing though – even if there is no info button.

      2. Exactly. That’s definitely the most common reason for me to go pick it up 🙂

        You seem to really have gotten the hang of drawing/painting cars by the way. Some amazing work you’ve posted 🙂

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