A Change of Ways – Starting a New Path

So I’ve done a lot of thinking lately.

For the last week or so, I’ve actually kept myself from painting and drawing much.

Why would you do such a thing, you ask?

The answer is that I’ve been running too fast.

So fast that I’ve actually started painting and drawing before I even knew what to draw or paint.

And that has been loads of fun, and a way for me to keep developing my skills and ideas.

But I’ve started to feel lately that I’ve lost my direction.

I couldn’t see where I was heading any longer, or what I wanted to express.


So I stopped painting, and I stopped drawing.

I killed off all my ideas for upcoming paintings or new themes that I wanted to try out.

And I cleared my mind.


For the next few days I started looking over my site.

Looking back at all the paintings I’ve made since I started out six years ago.

How I’ve gradually worked my way through different mediums, different themes, different techniques.

From imitating others to starting to find my own style.

So I kept thinking about it, looking at it, and it just became more and more clear.

What do I have most fun painting?

What is my own style, and not me trying to imitate others?

And which paintings does actually express my feelings, and gives me a sense of «me»?

It is, of course, my coastal paintings.


It just clicked, right there.

So I’ve decided to concentrate on what I think I’ve always really wanted to do:

To try to depict that raw, coastal nature that I love and have grown up with.

The sharp mountains diving straight into the ocean.

The crashing waves roaring as they’re hitting the rocks, leaving a spray of salty droplets on your lips.

The boats lying patiently in the harbour, waiting for the storm to settle.

It’s just feels like a part of me.


So I though about it for a few more days, and my mind did not change.

So I’ve sorted out my galleries.

I’ve updated my site.

It’s some pretty huge changes, but it just feels right.

It feels peaceful.


So, at this point, I know I’m rambling.

And I may not make much sense.

But, to be more precise, I hope to be able to create loads more of this kind of stuff in the future:

And I hope you’ll tag along with me on the way 🙂

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  1. Congratulations on all your work and well done for doing so many good sea/coast paintings and using different materials/techniques – I’ve tried to depict the sea (my love but less so in England than in France – too grey & cold!) so often but am never very pleased with my results. I know what you mean about losing your way/path, I feel like that especially since I was forced to move back to to England a year ago (I was in France) and am living in mess & chaos and in a place I’d never have chosen and knew nobody and get lost) I hate it but due to my brain injury I can’t sort it all out. Also I have too many ideas I want to try to do and there are so many techniques I’d like to experiment with so my art goes off in all directions – I know I’d get bored if I stuck to one theme or technique though! You write very good english = thank you.

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

      France is such a lovely country, so I understand that you miss it.

      I’ve always wanted to go to Cornwall, though. It looks like such a beautiful place to gather inspiration. Maybe you should go there (when the world opens up again) 🙂 It sounds like you are having quite a hard time, so I really hope you find some tranquility through your artwork.

      I think it’s great to go off in all directions, by the way. That has helped me a lot in developing my skills and finding which mediums I want to embrace and which to let go. I just needed to find a path to steer me toward a more clear direction.

      Anyway, I’m very happy you find my english good, and I hope I’ve not misspelled to many words to ruin the impression 🙂

  2. Yes, I am now at that same place. It’s very important to step back now and then and see ‘where you are and why’. It will keep you from being stuck in a comfort zone! 🙂
    Great paintings you have made!

  3. I think it must be the way artists develop their skills, I chop and change, I still haven’t found my niche. I’m looking forward to seeing your new work too.

  4. Oooo, lots and lots of beautiful paintings. It sounds like a great idea to find back to «you». Another idea you may use (or not 😊). When I first started my blog, I wrote down on a piece of paper what my main goal is, what I want to achieve and anything important to me regards to the blog. It doesn`t mean that I don`t wander off track now and then, but it is a good reminder if needed.

    1. Thank you so much! I am very excited about the change/adjustment 🙂 And that is a great idea, and I kind of have already. It just became clear to me that I wanted to do my best to depict that raw, coastal (and Norwegian) nature. Not by trying to imitate it, but to kind of build on the power of it. Try to give «the feel» of it, I guess. I got so excited about it that I changed it to my new tagline right away. So now it’s placed right under my logo on all my site pages 🙂

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