Going Urban – In a New Style

I made these digital sketches a while back:

I’m actually quite pleased with them, and therefore wondered if I could keep developing them in some way.

So I thought:

Instead of having all the colour inside the field of action, how about having it all outside?

Kind of like a scratchcard revealing the drawing.

So I had a go at a few of them, and they ended up like this:

So now, of course, I wonder what you think about them.

Does it work?

And is the style something to keep working on?

I also went in another direction, just to try it all.

I wanted to see how the drawing would look like if I just splashed on watercolour on the whole canvas.

That ended up like this:

Like I said, I would love to get your views on them.

And I hope you did enjoy looking at them 🙂


17 kommentarer om “Going Urban – In a New Style

  1. I like the scratchcard look, it’s a really fun idea, but I think I prefer the feel of the watercolour wash one. It gives the house a see-through feel, like a ghost house!

    1. I agree with you 🙂 In my head it looks like a house in some dream. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad one, though 🙂 But the scratchcard one was fun to create 🙂

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