Dark Clouds

I’m not very pleased with this drawing.

It ended up looking too dark, and too tight.

There is no room for interpretation, which makes it a bit less interesting.

But I think it looks good, though, all in all.

I imagine there is bad weather coming in, which makes the crowd a bit uneasy.

Maybe they need to go home and close the windows.

Maybe take the laundry back inside.

And then they’ll spark up the fireplace, maybe light a few candles, and wait it out 🙂

10 kommentarer om “Dark Clouds

  1. I think it looks like the end of a long, hot day. Maybe it’s a storm coming maybe it’s just night time, it feels very still to me – in a good way! I like it.

  2. I like it. The building on the right looks warm and inviting, a place to wait out the storm with friends. I imagine it full of friendly faces. ☺️

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