What a Day It Was

When I was about seven years old, we played with something called pogs.

You might also know them by the name milk caps, which I think they were called in the US.

Basically it was a bunch of cardboard caps that we put in a pile.

We then used a slammer to try to flip them over, to win the opponents pieces.

The slammers looked like big coins, and had a considerable weight that made them feel very robust.

One day, when I bought some new pogs, I ended up getting this nice, golden slammer.

In my mind it looked exactly like a gold coin, so I got this idea.

Why not convince my friends that it actually was a gold coin, and worth a ton of money.

I guess I wanted it to be true myself, so I played the part pretty convincing, I imagine,

Well, they were a bit sceptical at first.

But after five or ten minutes of intense convincing they were all on board with the idea, basically drooling for it.

So we started walking into the small town where we lived, fantasizing about all the stuff we could buy.

Everything we saw we could get in an instant. At least that was our self-deception.

Fishing boats, airplanes, a new car and of course some candy to go with it.

The world was at our feet with my fabolous gold coin.

Well, the bubble burst pretty quickly the next day, when my other school mates put the case to rest.

It was just a slammer, which, in fact, several of the other guys in my class had in their collection as well.

The dream was shattered.

But what a day it was!

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