There Could be a Treasure from Under the Sea

Pick up a rock

And see what’s below

Something to pick up

Or something to throw

There could be a treasure from under the sea

Something to spark the adventurers glee

When I was a kid I loved being down at the beach.

Flipping rocks to see if there was anything interesting below.

The main goal was crabs.

Just to have a look at them, and see if I dared to touch them.

Maybe even pick them up for a few seconds…

On the island where my grandparents live, a group of divers found a treasure in the early 60s, consisting of 57 000 coins.

6624 of them were gold coins. The rest were silver.

It turned out that it came from a dutch cargo ship that capsized during a storm, on it’s maiden voyage back in 1725.

The treasure was harvested, but some gold coins have been found on the beaches, under rocks or burried in the sand.

That made those treasure hunts unbearably exciting.

I never wanted them to end.

Because there could always be a coin under the next rock.


I never found those gold coins in the end.

But I still pick up a few rocks when I’m down at the beach.

Just on the off-chance I might find a crab, a nice shell or even that long awaited gold coin.



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    1. Thank you so much, Bridget 🙂 It was so much fun working with this one, trying to recapture an old memory. I don’t often have an agenda before I start to draw, so that was a new experience 🙂

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