Autumn Evening

It kind of looks a bit scary, this one.

But my intention was to paint an autumn evening, with just a hint of fresh snow.

Despite the Halloweenish look, though, I think it turned out quite nice.

I tried to add some black gouache on one side of the trees, to make the impression of shadow and light.

That made it a bit more interesting.

I also added a little path through the scenery, which made it a bit more lively.

I hope you like it.

And I hope that you’re having a nice day 🙂

6 kommentarer om “Autumn Evening

    1. Good afternoon to you, as well 😀 I very much like the work of Ralph Hulett, so thank you for the great tip 😀

      Even if I try my best, I never make paintings that actually look like real life sceneries. I’ve come to embrace it, though. And have accepted that it’s just part of my style 🙂

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