Too Much Water and Too Much Foam

This is an oil painting I’ve given the name “Water and Foam”.

Unfortunately I think it ended up with too much of both.

I’ve made other similar oil paintings.

Like this one:

I think the difference between them are quite striking, though.

The new version just looks a lot more wet.

There is too much paint floating around, which just makes it look chaotic.

Looking back I think I got too eager, not knowing when to stop.

So I’ll take it as a lesson.

This is a style I want to get better at, so there’ll definitely be more of these in the time coming.

6 thoughts on “Too Much Water and Too Much Foam

      1. As artists we often are too critical of our own endeavors. I am learning that there’s a difference between the critical voice which is often discouraging and the editorial voice which give constructive criticism.

      2. That’s very true! I try to keep learning by mistakes, and not take it the wrong way, but the critical voice does get in there sometimes 😊 I’m always more positive towards other peoples work, though. As we often are 😊

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