A Transparent Sea – The 500th post

I’m actually very happy with how this painting turned out.

And good that is, because my wordpress account is telling me that this is my 500th post.

As I’ve made evident in my recent posts, I do like the combination of yellow and blue.

Especially when they’re added in different strengths of colour.

In addition to the colours, I like how the water and mountains just blend together.

A lot of my paintings end up looking “too correct”.

Not because I want them to, but because it just happens when I’m not focused.

And that tends to happen quite a few times.

When I painted this one, though, I remember being very laid back, just letting the fingers do the work.

And that’s when I often end up making the best pieces.

Anyway, I hope you like it.

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  1. So are you using watered down acrylic in the background and then felt too pen over the too. Actually thought it was a vector so pretty cool. I’d have mushy lines if I tried to do a combi.

    1. Hi!

      I can’t remember any details without having the Ipad in front of me, but I use watercolour as a background wash (all done in Procreate).

      Since I use an apple pencil I only apply different pressure to the pen to make the strokes strong or weak.

      I tend to make the pen drawing first, before adding the watercolour as a background layer. I then finish the drawing, and sometimes colour a few elements to make them stand out.

      I used to have an old Ipad and a cheap digital pen, wich I would not have been able to use to make these drawings. The ability to add pressure to the pen lines makes all the difference to me.

      All of that said, I’m not trying to “sell” the apple pencil to anyone 🙂

      1. Thanks that makes sense. I never went down the vector road but it does give a fantastic clarity. Wasnt sure whether you would get the same feel with the apple pen but looks like you do.

  2. I also like the way the mountains blend into the sea. I wonder, have you thought about turning these drawings you’re doing now into story illustrations? Like, each day that you draw (for a little while), you could write the next “page” of a simple children’s story and draw the illustration to go with it. No pressure if that doesn’t interest you. These images just strike me as story illustrations.

    Congrats on 500 posts! Maybe someday I’ll catch up! 😉

    1. Thank you! 🙂 No, I haven’t, but that is a very interesting idea. I wouldn’t know what to write, but maybe I should come up with something 🙂 It would be so cool to produce a children’s story 🙂

  3. Beautiful! It really gives you a sense of being at sea the way the lines direct your eyes back and forth across the painting. I know what you mean by things turning out “too correct”, looks like you were in “the flow” with this one. Congrats on 500!

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