Trudging Forward

Trudging forward through life.

I guess that’s what we need to do when it gets hard.

Now that the second large wave of covid-19 seem to have reached Europe we’re about to go through another period of social restrictions.

In Norway we’ve been lucky, and prevented a large outbreak back in February.

That helped the hospitals to stay within the threshold of available capacity, and has stayed that way since.

The situation is definitely more grim in a lot of other countries.

So I’m wishing everyone all the best, and we’ll be trudging ourselves through this.

That’s all we can do.

2 kommentarer om “Trudging Forward

  1. Hello and thank you for liking my blog. I have enjoyed looking at some of your artworks and admire your style and way of working. You mentioned in one blog that you felt you were not going in the right direction with your colourful paintings and so decided to create digitally instead. Please continue to do both. Your colourful ones make an impact and carry the ‘message’ with an open innocence which appeals to the contemporary marketplace at present. You have a good sense of colour and composition. With best wishes during these difficult time. ~A~

    1. You are very welcome, and I do admire your work! 🙂 Yes, I felt that the colourful paintings ended up a bit childish looking, and that the theme didn’t «feel like me». When I started painting the marine themed digital paintings it instantly felt right. However, after spending some time away from the colourful ones, I do enjoy them a lot more. So I’ve kept them in my digital gallery as an independant series. That way I don’t have to choose between them, but look back at them as individual periods of work.

      And thank you so much for your very nice feedback 🙂 I’m definitely open towards the thought of going back to the style in the future, when I get tired of all the boats 🙂

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