A New Direction

I’ve been drawing these colourful pieces for quite a while now:

They are fun to draw.

But they haven’t really felt like «me».

I wouldn’t know what to say if someone asked me about why I’m making them, or what I want to say through them.

Anyway, I had a really unproductive watercolour session the other day, throwing away paper after paper.

In the end I realized that it just wasn’t my day, so I picked up the Ipad and had a go there instead.

At least I wouldn’t have to throw away all my bad attempts, just delete them.

I just wanted to paint something new.

Something to connect with.

And on the first try I ended up with this:

I have to say that it felt right from the start working with this new style, and the result ended up looking quite exciting.

So now I’m going in this new direction with full speed.

And I hope you enjoy it as well!

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