Summer at Home

For a lot of norwegians, spending the summer at home means hiking in the mountains. 

Instagram- and Facebook-feeds are bursting with photos of people together on the peaks, enjoying the view and often something extra.

Have a Stop

In line with good weather, an increasing amount of people trudge up the trails, past the stocky cabin areas and up towards the heights.  

On some of the peaks, there are small cafe’s which serves sodas, coffee and waffles.

If you visit larger mountains there are usually unmanned cabins which can be used for accommodation for a night or two.

Feel the Breeze

After the hike people walk down to their cars, usually in a very good mood, and heads back to civilized society.




I’m not the guy who sleeps in a tent on desolate mountain tops, but there a few things more soothing and relaxing then heading up those hills.

Even just for a few hours. 

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