No Hands

I’ve been drawing these «humans» for quite a while.

The funny thing though, is that I’ve never really felt that they needed arms. 

It’s quite weird, because it certainly is a pretty important body part.

And when I have added arms to them, they look very much like the legs.

Not very delicate, but it does bring more movement and expression to them.

So now, if you’re reading this, I really want your opinion on it.

Do they need arms, or are they good enough as they are? 

What do you think? 🙂

11 kommentarer om “No Hands

  1. Yes and no, I don`t think they need arms to be humans, but they are important when expressing bodylanguage. I think it depends on your intention with your humans – I haven`t missed arms in your drawings, but of course if you want them to do or hold something arms are practical.

    1. In that case they are very practical, yes 😊 I think I’ve landed on adding arms, as there are so many reasons to do so. It certainly gives new ways of expressing different emotions. And thank you for your feedback, by the way ☺

  2. Love ’em! They make me think of childhood when we would ride our bikes, hold our arms up in the air and shout, «Look, Mom, no hands!» That was always fun. 🙂

  3. Yes, and yes. They need arms. I know since I got an injure on my right arm and hand. The most important things to express yourself is not only the speech but also the silent speech where you will emphasise your feelings and yourself. Have a nice day.

    1. Thank you for answering 😊 I see what you mean, and I do agree that adding arms bring a new dimension when it comes to expressing emotions. Hope you are doing well with your injury, also ☺

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