Distant Mountain – Running out of colours

These paintings are a result of me wanting to do some acrylic painting, but with very limited amounts of colour.

Just a few drops of yellow and red at hand, and a small amount of blue, made my sunset scene look a bit different than usual:

It was a fun exercise, though, trying to find some options that would work.

I think the painting above ended up kind of cool.

The reason I had just a small amount of red and blue left, though, was that I used it all up on this painting:

I’m less satisfied with this one than I am with the first one, to be honest.

So maybe I should just have less colours available 🙂

Hope everyone is staying healthy!

14 kommentarer om “Distant Mountain – Running out of colours

  1. Both are wooftastic. The blue piece offers the cool serene pawtrait which huMom loves.
    The red one would have been her preference pre 2016 fire that took all we had. However, since then red tones are less welcomed.

    1. I’m sad to hear that. That sounds like a really bad situation. I understand that the red colour is less welcomed, then.. It’s nice that the house is blue then ☺

    1. Thank you, Sandi 🙂 The palette knife is a good way to add texture, so I do use it a lot in my paintings. Both of these paintings are painted using palette knife only 🙂

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