A Tweak of Style

I’ve been doodling around in my sketchbook lately, making sketches like this:

I have loads of fun making them, and I feel that I’m getting better at drawing landscape scenes using my pens.

But they just don’t look quite as I want them to.

They look a bit childish and messy, and I’ve been searching for a little tweak to make it look better.

And that’s why I’ve really come to cherish my sketchbook.

It’s the place to try out new things, and keep moving forward.

So, first I made this:

“I’m on to something here”, I thought.

“But it’s still a bit messy”.

So I had another go, and it ended up like this:

“Now I’m getting somewhere”, I thought.

“But let’s have a last go before the session is over”:

“There you go”.

“That’s it”.

This is the style I want to keep building on.

More blank space, more raw nature and still a presence of my newly engineered humans 🙂

To be honest it’s a relief to find a style that just feels right from the start.

I’ve been doing so many styles, sceneries and techniques over the last four years, which has been fun, but now I feel that I’m finally about to touch down on “my thing”.

The same goes for my acrylic-, digital- and oil paintings as well.

Which also makes my galleries look a lot less chaotic 🙂

Anyway, now I’m rambling.

There will be a lot more of these drawings coming up, and hopefully they will keep getting better.

So I hope you enjoy them as well 🙂

And I do hope everyone is staying healthy.

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    1. Thank you, Kate. I do to 🙂 My Instagram account is showing more of my recent work, as I just have so much to post on this site… 🙂 I would like to just publish all the posts in one big pile, but I don’t want to spam everyone 😛

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